Representing knowledge has been radically transformed in the last few years. Through ever developing information and communication technologies, knowledge has been allowed to burst out of its conventional representations.

What museums can and are expected to do has also changed radically. Traditional displays and exhibits have been replaced by more interactive, technology driven, immersive experiences. These exhibitions invite active participation from viewers rather than the passive reception of information. Websites and mobile phones carry exhibitions far beyond their walls, inviting ongoing engagement.

Exhibitions change faster than they used to in order to keep up with the demands of information age audiences hungry for access, instant gratification, sensationalism and variety – but simultaneously needing to develop perspectives of depth and skills of understanding that are required to address the extraordinary challenges of the 21st century.

Totem’s team of architects, designers, filmmakers, interactive display specialists, lighting experts and software engineers are all involved from the start of each project, participating in the brainstorming and creation of content, not just the implementation thereof.


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