Totem provides fundraising services and advice on projects that we are involved in.

Since the early 1990s we have successfully raised funding for many of our projects (media, cultural and museum-related projects and exhibitions), with Francis Gerard leading this process nationally and internationally.

In China, Totem initiated and funded a feature-length film and book biography of the great Ming/Qing palace in Beijing: The Forbidden City: The Great Within (1994). This was followed by China – The Dragon’s Ascent, an eight-hour television series, book and educational materials, funded by a charitable trust that Totem helped establish. US$8 million (R55m) was raised. The project was later sold and the proceeds shared equally between the two research institutes associated with the project, each partner receiving roughly US$6 (R40m).

Back in South Africa we joined forces with the University of the Witwatersrand to establish the highly acclaimed Origins Centre. Totem initiated the project and raised the R40 million required for the museum and offices for the Rock Art Research Institute, as well as for state of the art rolling stacks to house their archaeological collections.

Totem is experienced in identifying specific funding sources that match the profile of a particular project. These could be major international foundations, or country-specific corporate entities. A third funding group taps into public sources of funding such as the National Lottery. (We have been involved with Lotto on three separate projects.)

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