Andre Croucamp

I have spent most of my life working as an educational media developer. My products are usually commissioned and include lecture series, workshops, textbooks, comic books, museum installations, games and DVDs. These cover the diverse subjects of science, health, heritage, art and entrepreneurship.

 I have a degree in Theology from Rhodes University – which seems like a lifetime ago. I also have a Masters degree in Cognitive Archaeology from Wits University. My MA used evidence from archaeology and evidence from neuroscience to explore the origins of symbolic thinking in humans. In many ways the juxtaposition of theology and cognitive archaeology has taught me to combine the insights and metaphor sets of different disciplines, and places me in a good position to innovate unusual learning processes.  

Examples of my innovations include:

  • a unique neurological model of the relationship between analytical thinking and associative thinking, which I have used to develop courses on a range of subjects, including innovation, systems thinking, evidence-based decision making and the construction of transformative corporate ‘rituals’;

  • corporate workshops (often facilitated at the Origins Centre) that instead of using business case studies use the whole of evolution as the case study for exploring things like the skill of adapting to change, the art of innovation, the nature of power as well as the politics of accessing, interpreting and managing information;

  • a problem solving game that is based on traditional African divination systems and that helps people think about complex systems and make unusual associations;

  • an instructive but entertaining box of cards to train executives in the skills of meeting management;

  • a series of comics and workbooks for entrepreneurs (with the Small Enterprise Development Association);

  • a book, DVD and lesson plans that use Ndebele architecture and wall painting to teach mathematics (with Africa meets Africa);

  • the first sexual health comic for deaf youth in South Africa (with the Gay and Lesbian Archives);

  • the most comprehensive resource on the relationship between HIV, food, traditional medicine and ARVs, designed as a lifestyle magazine;

  • the Liberation Path installation for the Liliesleaf heritage site, exploring the history of liberation in the 20th century (with Digital Fabric).

I have a particular interest in popularising science and promoting dialogue between spirituality and science. I have worked closely with people from diverse belief systems, facilitating discussion groups on controversial topics like evolution and the heat-death of the universe.

 My chief interest could be summarised as exploring the nature of the subjective human experience, the nature of reality and the relationship between them.  

Understanding the Challenges facing Gay and Lesbian South Africans presents some guidelines for service providers dealing with those victims of crime and violence who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (with OUT – LGBT Well-being)

Chasing Dreams, a comic resource on the challenges facing migrant labourers in Namibia (with the International Organisation for Migration)

Taste for Life, a comprehensive popular resource on the relationship between HIV, food, ARVs, traditional medicine, supplements and substance use

Our BioDiverse City – the value of Durban’s biological diversity, a resource aimed at popularising the biodiversity audit that the eThekwini Municipality did as part of the Local Action for Biodiversity Project (with eThekwini Municipality’s Environmental Management Department)


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