Bea Roberts

After studying English literature (mainly an excuse to prolong my involvement in student politics) I did a     film course and hoped to become a filmmaker, but instead ended up working in the TV studio at Fort Hare University in the late 1980s. The Ciskei was not a happy place in those days; it seemed right to give up the heady world of the television studio and move to East London to work for what was then the Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (Idasa). The politics of a society in its transition to democracy kept  me intrigued and busy for the next eight years until children and a restless disposition led me to become a freelance researcher.



Today, when people ask, I call myself a writer, researcher and copy editor. Over the past decade or so I have researched, and written about, a range of topics: small business and entrepreneurship, small-scale farming, youth development, and South African history, to name a few. I have mainly worked in educational television, television drama, and on school textbooks.

In this process I have come to realise what I love doing: writing in formats and on topics that hope to capture the popular imagination.   I am passionate about bringing history to people, especially young people, who might otherwise have a disregard for their stories and heritage. I want to tell stories that make people think about where they come from, what drives them, and how to engage with this hugely complex society we find ourselves in with morality, integrity, forward thinking and humour.

Some of the books and programmes I have worked on: They Fought for Freedom: Albert Luthuli – Social Sciences Today, Grades 7, 8 and 9



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