Human communities have always relied on their storytellers, their mythologies, their oral traditions, their poets and their playwrights. In the 21st century the role of informing memory and inspiring the future increasingly lies in the hands of the world’s most powerful producers and distributors of film and television. The power that film has to reach individuals and inform their identity is unprecedented in the history of storytelling.


“The new ‘cathedral of the image’ has effectively replaced the more traditional authorities. The youth of today are ready to accept as true the messages, which appear on television, music videos and ‘blockbuster films’, the opinion maker is no longer the politician, captain of industry, artist, intellectual or academic, but the television presenter, the talk show host and ‘movie star’.”

 Totem’s strategic use of film in exhibitions has been a vital ingredient of the success of those exhibitions. Our style of filmmaking allows the people it represents to speak for themselves but combines this with high production value. Totem always maintains editorial independence. 





You can view selected clips of our work here:

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Francis Gerard and Guy Spiller worked together to develop the remarkable films of the Origins Centre as well as The Art of God, a three part series on the meaning behind rock art and the origins of art. In 2010 Guy directed Playing the Game the Bafokeng Way, a Totem Media production commissioned by the Royal Bafokeng Nation.



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