Guy Spiller

Guy Spiller started Lizard Post Production in 1988 and edited many award winning commercials, including three Cannes Gold Lions and numerous Loeries. He also won the best editing award at the London International Advertising Awards in 1994.

During the late 80s and early 90s Guy made three short, award-winning doccies – The Boxer, Enthombe and Whiter than White, reflecting the changes being experienced in South Africa at the time. He also directed some episodes of the ground breaking series Ordinary People for Weekly Mail TV.
During the later part of the 90s Guy directed commercials for big brands for a few years, where he became highly regarded for his innovative use of film language and performance.

Today Guy Spiller is a filmmaker, writer, director and editor who specialises in science, art and heritage documentaries and museum installations. With his vast repertoire of filmic solutions and by getting to grips with the content, Guy manages to create wonderful-looking films, no matter how tricky the subject matter. 

Recent filmography:

  • The Liberal and the Pirate – the story of David Pratt and his shooting of Prime Minister Verwoerd in 1960.
  • Tobias’s Bodies – the palaeo-anthropological heritage of southern Africa seen through the eyes of Prof Phillip Tobias.
  • So where do we come from? – using DNA testing to examine the genetic ancestry of modern South Africans.
  • The Origins Centre – Films and interactive media on human origins, the San and rock art.
  • The Art of God – a three part series for SABC and Origins Centre on the meaning behind rock art and the origins of art.
  • Ndebele – designing identity – a video on Ndebele art and architecture for the “Africa meets Africa” project.
  • The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu – a feature documentary on the astronomy content of the medieval Timbuktu manuscripts.
  • Four episodes of the art and history series, A Country Imagined, with the well-known musician Johnny Clegg as presenter.
  • Playing the Game the Bafokeng Way – a documentary on the Royal Bafokeng Nation.

Guy is married to violinist Tanya and they have four children.

On location for The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu  

Shooting aerials at Blombos Cave for Origins Centre


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