People have always relied on artists, musicians, storytellers, mythologies, oral traditions, poets and playwrights to give deeper meaning to the human experience. The power that film has to reach individuals and inform their identity is unprecedented in the history of storytelling.

An inspirational film for AMALI (African Mayoral Leadership Initiative), which is a ground-breaking programme that supports African Mayors to transform their cities.

Pamoja aims to inspire conversations about why solidarity is still necessary, what motivates people to show solidarity, and what forms of solidarity and engagement are most effective in the world today. 

Oliver Tambo

Lindiwe Mabuza, the former ANC representative to Sweden between 1979 and 1986, describes Oliver Tambo.

Mohammed 'Mo' Tikly, the former director of Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Mazimbu, Tanzania, describes the school.

Ben Amathila describes his motivation behind becoming  Namibia's representative to Sweden in the 1970s. 

Swedish Civil Society

Magnus Walan describes the Africa Groups organisation, which was actively working towards ending colonialism in Africa. 

Part of Sweden's international solidarity campaign included Swedish choirs learning and performing South African freedom songs. 

A funding initiative by the European Union to lessen the effects of sanctions on the oppressed and vulnerable in apartheid South Africa. 

Black Friday

The distinction between whether projects were developmental or political brought matters between the European Union and their South African partners to a head. 

The Berlin Wall

Jan Leidecker, the former director of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in South Africa, discusses the importance of the post-World War II division of Germany and the importance of the German Democratic Republic's solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle. 

Political Bullets

Ronnie Kasrils, former uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Commander visits the secret military base at Teterow in the German Democratic Republic, where ANC cadres received training. 

Fighting Fear

Mathews Phosa and Jean de la Harpe, two former ANC agents describe their intelligence training in the German Democratic Republic. 

SOMAFCO- The Calling

As part of the German Democratic Republic's solidarity to the ANC, Karin and Manfred Geserick volunteered to teach maths at the ANC-run Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Mazimbu, Tanzania. 

Norway/ Southern African Solidarity

A short film recounting Norway's history of unwavering support towards various Southern African liberation struggles in the late 20th Century. 

Strange Diplomacy

The Norwegian Consulate in Cape Town played an important and unconventional role in funding  anti-apartheid activities in South Africa. 

My Constitution

The Constitution of South Africa is widely regarded as the most progressive constitution in the world, with a Bill of Rights that other countries now look to for guidance.

Isikhumbuzo- War and Peace

Bitter violence between the UDF/ AZAPO and the IFP during the mid 1980s in KwaZulu-Natal was particularly fierce in Mpumalanga township. However, local people have forged a lasting peace. 

How Beer Saved the World

An animation made for South African Breweries, about how in Ancient Egypt beer was used to save the world. 

What Makes Me a Mokgatla?

A seven screen video installation, about some elements that make up Mokgatla peoples' identity

Dutch Reformed Church

The intersection of tradition and religion, with respect to healing and marriage, has been explored in Moruleng since the arrival of Dutch Reformed Church missionaries in the area. 

Traditional Healing

Sonodaniel Molefe, a traditional Bakgatla healer, consults with a patient. 

Nhlangakazi 2001

Shembe Nazarites undertake a five-day pilgrimage to their sacred mountain, Nhlangakazi, every year. 


Peaceful protests around the world are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's principle of Satyagraha or "holding firmly to truth".

Reuben Caluza

Reuben Caluza, a musical prodigy, wrote and performed some of the first non-traditional, secular Zulu songs. The township of Caluza in Pietermaritzburg was named in his honour. 

The Khoe Debate

A stylised video of the ongoing academic debate around the origins of Southern Africa's Khoe people. 

Trance Dance

A traditional San trance dance in the Kalahari Desert. As the dancing progresses, we follow a healer as he enters a trance and ascends into the spirit world where he fights off evil threats to his people. The film illustrates the connection between hallucinations in trance and rock art imagery.


A short film discussing archaeological attempts to understand more about the legendary San rock paintings found in Southern Africa. 

Eland Potency

A short film that illustrates the link between the potency believed to exist in eland antelope and San rock paintings. WARNING- this film shows the hunting of an eland by San Bushmen